NSL Data are aware that the telephone is possibly the most important business tool available. We can supply effective telecommunication solutions based upon a range of solutions from the Lucent – the Alchemy series.

The Alchemy series from NSL is a fully scalable telecommunications solution from a single ISDN2 line to ISDN30 connections. The range includes modules for Voice over IP (VOIP) and full CTI (Computer Telephony) functionality including links to common PC based applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

All our customers run different businesses, and all have very different ideas as to how that business should run and how calls should get answered. We pride ourselves therefore on our ability to create bespoke solutions from standard products.

Whether your needs are simple or highly complex, NSL Data can create a solution that is both cost effective and functional using a range of equipment from different manufacturers including:

Our method of working with clients is to try and understand their business first, and then make financially viable suggestions for communication solutions.