Secured Data and Voice Cabling – CAT 5e, CAT 6

All our systems engineers and sales representatives have completed intensive training in products and implementation providing an unrivalled level of understanding and service.

We remain up-to-date with the current and emerging industry standards and pride ourselves in selecting components carefully to be compliant, not only for now but for many years in the future. It is for this reason that we have created the strategic partnerships with globally recognised structured wiring components manufacturers who not only comply with current standards, but are pushing the development of new, faster technologies.

Legacy voice cabling

Since a reasonable proportion of businesses are still operating on legacy CW1308 telephone cabling infrastructure, NSL have specialists in the field. In addition to these skills, we specialise in migrating growing businesses from their legacy system onto a fully structured voice and data solution.

Fibre Optic Solutions

In company wide LANs, the use of fibre optic cable is becoming prevalent. NSL Data can install the latest specification of both single mode and multimode fibres based on our own recommendation of the most appropriate fibre solution.

We have the experience and resources to install, test and commission fibre optic networking. Whether it is single, multi-mode, SMA, STII, SC or FDDI MIC connectors, NSL Data offers the highest quality of service at an affordable rate.